Veteran Foundrymen

At Berntsen Foundry, all employees contribute to quality control. Our veteran staff are lifelong foundrymen who know their trade. Its technical staff consult from the design phase through samples and into production. Management personnel are involved top-to-bottom in operations throughout the foundry, monitoring processes and checking castings from the pattern shop to the pouring lines, the cleaning room, and shipping. Every part is properly ground and cleaned to your specifications, with 100% inspection of the finished parts.

Journeymen Patternmakers

Our journeymen patternmakers are experts in making the most complex patterns to serve your needs. Our experienced staff will work with your engineers up front in the design stage to build quality and robustness into your product for the best value in your casting.

Quality in Service

Quality applies not just to our products and processes, but to its service as well. We view our customers as partners in long-term relationships for our mutual benefit.

Quick Turnaround

The flexibility of our facilities, processes, and personnel ensures that Berntsen can meet the needs of your rush jobs. We take great pride in quick turnaround and we work diligently to meet the needs of our customers in emergency situations. Our customer service staff is recognized for prompt and courteous support after product delivery.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Unvarying product quality, schedule flexibility, and versatility in casting size, weights and materials make Berntsen Foundry the clear choice for all your casting requirements. Whether you need a single prototype casting on a rush basis or a long run, whether your casting weighs one ounce to over one hundred pounds, Berntsen Foundry will meet your needs – and exceed your best expectations!

Precision Machining Quality

Our machine shop has state of the art CNC machining centers with extensive experience in machining sand castings of both brass & aluminum.