2016  has marked a significant milestone in the rich history and lifespan of Berntsen Brass and Aluminum Foundry. 70 years and 4 generations later we are strong, capable, and growing. Our successes throughout this time and into today have derived from many and varying degrees of contributing factors.  A gigantic factor being in our foundry team members who punch in and take on full responsibility as well dedicate themselves into the efficiencies and foundry knowledge of the casting trade.

70 years is a long time in the foundry business and the anniversary party was well deserved and received by all who participated. It was a great day marked by speeches, great food (thanks to The Esquire), and 40 year retirement tenures in Ed and Jim. They will be missed in the office & production floor, but we wish them all the best in their retirement.


Ed & Jim front & center. Combined 85 years!!!! Enjoy retirement!

Ed & Jim front & center. Combined 85 years!!!! Enjoy retirement!



Steve, Ed, Jim, & Seth


I think Dave posed in Vogue once…


Bob and Joan – Phelps Cast, Phelps, WI – an expansion of the Madison division


Steve & Co delivering Anniversary speech


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From 2016, we look forward to further growth and employee tenure into future generations. Thanks to everyone involved (including our customers) on a daily basis into making this an established WI manufacturer.


-Berntsen Brass & Aluminum Foundry